St. Casimir Roman Catholic Church

Buffalo / Kaisertown, NY


Masses: Lord’s Day 10am
Holy Days: 7pm
st Friday: 8:30am with Sacred Heart Devotion

1st Friday Adoration: 9am-1:30pm
st Friday Confessions 8am and 12:30pm


About St. Casimir’s

Bishop Edward Kmiec established The Church of St. Casimir in March of 2011, highlighting its resilient stewardship, the reverence of its people, and the unique Byzantine-style church (Buffalo Historic Landmark 1977). The parish itself was founded in 1890. Our former pastor, Rev. Anthony Majewski’s vision, “to raise the spirits of believers to spiritual greatness” was realized by artisans Chester Oakley and Joseph Fronczak in the church, an architectural masterpiece. It was dedicated on May 5, 1929 and paid for during economically strenuous times. Rector of the Church is Rev. Czesław Krysa.

Christ is risen!

This Sat, Apr 25, 2020 Fr Krysa will release his first in a video and blog series on THE DOMESTIC CHURCH, a hot topic during the pandemic lockdown. Believers all miss celebrating the Holy Eucharist. Because many local and national online celebrations of Mass are...

Blessed Thunder Candles (Gromnice)

St Casimir members/friends are lighting their blessed thunder candles (gromnice) daily at 3 pm and praying to god for the sick, vulnerable and medical personnel. "Under your protection we flee, holy mother of god...." Will u join in?

St Casimir’s 90th Anniversary 2020 Heritage Calendar

St Casimir’s 90th Anniversary 2020 Heritage Calendar of church dedication, full color Calendar with great professional pictures of annual events and celebrations. A few are left for $10. Limited Edition.

Send a check payable to St Casimir’s Church. On the envelope write: 2020 Calendar Add $3 S&H to:
St Casimir Church
160 Cable St.
Buffalo NY, 14206