St. Casimir Roman Catholic Church

Buffalo / Kaisertown, NY


Masses: Lord’s Day 10am
Live-streamed Mass 7PM on Facebook

Holy Days: 7pm
st Friday: 8:30am with Sacred Heart Devotion

1st Friday Adoration: 9am-1:30pm
st Friday Confessions 8am and 12:30pm


About St. Casimir’s

Bishop Edward Kmiec established The Church of St. Casimir in March of 2011, highlighting its resilient stewardship, the reverence of its people, and the unique Byzantine-style church (Buffalo Historic Landmark 1977). The parish itself was founded in 1890. Our former pastor, Rev. Anthony Majewski’s vision, “to raise the spirits of believers to spiritual greatness” was realized by artisans Chester Oakley and Joseph Fronczak in the church, an architectural masterpiece. It was dedicated on May 5, 1929 and paid for during economically strenuous times. Rector of the Church is Rev. Czesław Krysa.

Gromnica (Thunder Candles)

Traditional 100% beeswax Gromnica (Thunder) candles must be pre-ordered by Jan 20.

Click HERE to pre-order online.

Black Madonna Consecration Chapel Re-dedication

The Black Madonna Consecration Chapel will be rededicated on Mother’s Day, May 9, during the annual May Crowning. Members and friends are encouraged to bring fresh flowers to Mama Mary, honoring Jesus’ Mother, whom He gave to us as ours from the heights of the Cross.
A conference call faith and prayer sharing of those who made their Consecration to Mary on Feb 2, 2020, is scheduled for May 17 at noon. Please ponder the effect this Consecration, one of its four saints, or the “33 Days” has on your life. On Sunday, May 18 the St John Paul Papal Prayer Room will be open for special intention prayer and quiet meditation.

Those wishing to make or renew Fr Michael Gaitley’s powerful “33 Days of Morning Glory”, may begin on Wednesday, April 21. read his “Second Greatest Story Ever Told,” pray a daily Rosary, “Under Your Protection,” or the Consecration prayer given below.

FYI The Czestochowa icon of this chapel is a gift of St John Paul to the people of St Casimir’s Church (1976).

Renewal of Consecration and personal Confirmation Mission on Pentecost Sunday, May 23 at the Consecration Chapel. This same day phase one of the new baptismal fonts will be unveiled: the artistic work is modeled after the pulpit (ambo) with metal features from the previous font. A Baptism is scheduled for that day.

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Great thanks to all who supported this successful fundraiser covering $26,000 of St Casimir’s $35,000 annual property insurance — social center, food pantry & church a total of 6 buildings. God will reward your generosity. Thanks also to the group who put it together and ran with it. See the streamed draw on Facebook: