Masses: Lord’s Day 10am

Holy Days: 7pm
st Friday: 8:30am with Sacred Heart Devotion

1st Friday Adoration: 9am-1:30pm
st Friday Confessions 8am and 12:30pm


About St. Casimir’s

Bishop Edward Kmiec established The Church of St. Casimir in March of 2011, highlighting its resilient stewardship, the reverence of its people, and the unique Byzantine-style church (Buffalo Historic Landmark 1977). The parish itself was founded in 1890. Our former pastor, Rev. Anthony Majewski’s vision, “to raise the spirits of believers to spiritual greatness” was realized by artisans Chester Oakley and Joseph Fronczak in the church, an architectural masterpiece. It was dedicated on May 5, 1929 and paid for during economically strenuous times. Rector of the Church is Rev. Czesław Krysa.

Gromnica (Thunder Candles)

Traditional 100% beeswax Gromnica (Thunder) candles must be pre-ordered by Jan 20.

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Our Ladies Street Fair and Heritage Blessing Thank You


Dearest, valued, and appreciated Members and Friends of St Casimir.


You all displayed your best to throw Mama Mary a most unique and inspiring birthday party.  During each of the last eight days of Table Talk with Mama I have enjoyed placing each of you, hosts and hostesses, as well as our youthful guests and senior tradition bearers, who joined in on faith fun.  This is how 2,000+ of Catholic believers practiced healing, inspiring fun, and spirituality with “hands and feet” (Polish proverb) as well as heart and soul.

It was so restorative and vibrant to see children among balloons, gals and guys in Polish and renaissance costume, pennants, flowers, music, and pin wheels playing at Mama Mary’s feet, while not forgetting to pray at the Table you set with summer color, health, nourishment and kneel before her Son along with the knighted Hussars, a general with Black Madonna shield, the Harvest Princess and loaf, and the most holy of all bread, that of angels, Jesus’ Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.

The Ladies received anointing with rose oil, the gentlemen an armored prayer begging Our Lady’s protection.

Continue to draw Inspiration and motivation from such a unique, explosion of divine light, color, souls, and hearts, and grace which the Prince of the Poor presented to his Lady Mary, and she to God.  Donations for the food pantry were much more than ever expected. More on this when we gather to highlight the manifold goodness of the prep and days and suggest concrete actions to better this first-ever faith-fun, evangelizing endeavor.

Plz take some time to revisit the blessing we and the participants received.  Suggest, in the right column way we could make things easier, clearer, or streamlined, maybe even a new endeavor for next year.  Please do this soon before the “weaknesses” begin to blur the great blessings received.  We so much need to count our blessings, even write them down daily. Plz download OurLadyStreetFair_HarvestBlessing_List , fill out blessings and return by Sept 7th to After I compile your RSVPs, we’ll gather to discuss in the Social Hall at 6:30pm, Wednesday September 15, 2021, the Seven Sorrows of Mary.

Going to the St John Paul Papal Prayer Room now to offer Mass on this the Feast of the Black Madonna, and final day of Table Talk with Mama, for all the intentions received and for all who made time to “throw” Mama Mary of Czestochowa, a Street Fair Birthday and be there to celebrate the Assumption of the Queen of Heaven’s Harvest.




Big Bucks Raffle Winners!!

1st Prize $10,000 – S. Golanka Ticket 566
2nd Prize $2,000 – Karen Macris Ticket 744
3rd Prize $1,000 – Stan & Ela Golanka Ticket 615
4th Prize $500 – Ursula Bator Ticket 021
5th Prize $500 – Donna Walentynowicz Ticket 267
Great thanks to all who supported this successful fundraiser covering $26,000 of St Casimir’s $35,000 annual property insurance — social center, food pantry & church a total of 6 buildings. God will reward your generosity. Thanks also to the group who put it together and ran with it. See the streamed draw on Facebook: