This Sat, Apr 25, 2020 Fr Krysa will release his first in a video and blog series on THE DOMESTIC CHURCH, a hot topic during the pandemic lockdown. Believers all miss celebrating the Holy Eucharist. Because many local and national online celebrations of Mass are available, we want to offer something that makes this Buffalo church unique, a series about encountering God at the family HEAVEN DOOR. We’d like to share this fully-Catholic grace and traditional family experience.

St Casimir’s began this spiritual initiative on our 125th anniversary, Aug 26, 2015 following (the now annual) 9 days of Table Talk with the Black Madonna. For the last 9 years spirituality of the Domestic Church is a hallmark of our all generational worship at home and in church.

Click HERE for our YouTube Channel. We will notify everyone on our Facebook Page of every video.