Blessing mugs for “gathering the fruits of the fast” for St Casimir’s food pantry and hospitality table. Takes place on the first Sunday in March at the 10am Mass.

Participants are encouraged to bring their favorite cup, and after the blessing, it is placed in a central place in the home (kitchen). Monies saved from giving up favorite foods or actions are placed in the cup. Sacrificing these donations and sharing them with needy Kaisertown families is a sign of joining Jesus in his 40-day fast in the desert.

The song characteristic of St Casimir’s feast day celebration is Daily, Daily Sing to Mary — Już od rana rozśpiewana [HH, 71]. He was buried with a copy of this hymn in his hands, indicating it was the Poor Prince’s favorite. St Casimir enjoyed singing as is depicted on one of the stained glass windows in the nave as a troubador, with a harp as King David. This Jewish King wrote the 150 “Psalms” or “songs” used during Old Testament worship in the temple. See outside, front cover of the “Heritage Hymns” collection for a stunning photo of this magnificent window.