to the Heritage Art Discovery Contest
of the Bright Mountain Black Madonna

June — August 15, 2021

PURPOSE:  To raise awareness of how God acts today, through Jesus’ Mom, and spread good news how the Black Madonna, Our Lady of Częstochowa, for almost 700 years has protected families,   answered prayers, incited miracles, and protected the nation from hatred and violence.

HOW?  Nine drawings based on religious, classical art and modern photography present the intriguing legacy of the Black Madonna’s spiritual power and care.  Pope Francis, on his first Bright Mountain (hill-quarter of Jasna Góra where the shrine is found) pilgrimage, experienced her as Mother and Queen.  As Mother, she spreads her protective mantle over her sons and daughters who turn to her.  As Queen, she protects her families and nations from hate crimes and violence.  The scars on her cheeks clearly show and prove this.

YOU CHOOSE One of the nine selected images depicting the holy icon’s courageous and care-filled history beginning at Nazareth in 33 AD until St John Paul’s pilgrimage in 1979.  There are three sets of Heritage Art discovery drawings per age group: Children (3-10), Youth (11-17), Adults (18+).  Each participant selects one from their age group, reads the backside explaining the event, answers three heritage questions, and fills out their name, phone #, etc.  Children use crayons; Youth, crayons or colored pencils; Adults, colored pencils, to color their faith discovery drawing.  Here’s how creativity and faith knowledge fuse together.  Feel the creative energy of faith, courage, and family devotion.

WHERE ARE THE COLORING PAGES?   Download and print your selected image from your age group (with questions printed on the back) at www.stcasimirbuffalo.com  Hard copies are also available at Saint Casimir’s Church, 160 Cable Street, Buffalo NY (Fridays 9-2pm or after Masses) and at Potts Express, 41 S Rossler Ave., Buffalo NY.  Look in the AmPol Eagle and online for future       Contest Sponsor sites.

WHEN?  Submissions must be sent via snail-mail to Heritage Art Discovery Contest, Church of Saint Casimir, 160 Cable Street, Buffalo NY 14206, no later than August 12, 2021.  Entries will be displayed at Saint Casimir’s Church on August 14, 2021, during Our Lady’s Street Fair (more info next week).

PRIZES:  Children 1st $125, 2nd $50, 3rd $25; Youth 1st $175, 2nd $75, 3rd $50; Adult 1st $250,   2nd $175, 3rd $75.  Organizers are working on the Online People’s Choice awards where Winners will receive $100 gift certificates.

Click a drawing to download. Once downloaded, print both sides on one piece of paper.

The ancient, Post-Apostolic protection prayer to the Mother of God. As ages of icon writers before you, consider praying it each time you sit down to color your selected drawing. The words express and capture the deep sentiments of devotion to the Black Madonna. It is often chanted.

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